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Harry Potter Trivia Tournament

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It’s time re-read the series, muggles! We’re celebrating Harry Potter’s birth month in style with five weeks worth of O.W.Ls to find the Chosen Team. Each week will have different questions written by our biggest Potter nerds and will be book-based.

We’ve officially hit max capacity and have closed registration! If you missed out, you are still welcome to attend any of these nights outside the tournament as long as there is space available at Stacked Pickle. Please call both locations to reserve any available tables.

How it Works

  • Your score from each night your team attends will be totaled on a weekly basis. The more nights your team attends, the higher you will rank. The team with the highest score at the end of the final night will be crowned the Chosen Team and take home the prize!

  • You will still have to call ahead to make a reservation each night.

  • Keep an eye on this page- we’ll be posting standings at the end of every week!


The Competition - Chart One

The Competition- Chart Two