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Whiz Trivia was created to elevate the trivia experience. Tired of hearing questions from Buzzfeed lists? Are you looking for more in depth questions about the Office? Do you wish Harry Potter trivia focuses on the books instead of the movies? We at Whiz Trivia take pride in our passion. We are a team of dedicated fans looking to bring the most fun and challenging questions to our trivia nights.

By exclusively hosting themed trivia nights, we include a range of questions on your favorite topics, including The Office, Friends, and the Harry Potter book series. Every question on every topic is personally written by our team and we make sure to have hosts who love our topics as much as you do!

We’re always trying to create the best trivia possible and love to hear from our fans! If there’s a topic you’d like to see or location you’d like to play in, let us know! We do everything possible to make your trivia experience the best possible.

Thank you to our fans!

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